There are a variety of purchasing plans which can be tailored to our clients. We specialize in creating client satisfaction by offering options which are accountable and expertly-designed; these factors are always incorporated with the utmost integrity, intelligence, and efficiency. CPM also provides volume purchasing power complimented by industry knowledge and a management reputation par excellence.

Client Services

It starts with integrity and ends with integrity. Whether we are in the role of the purchaser, seller, or broker, Chebat Portfolio Management (CPM) brings nothing but the highest level of integrity to each and every transaction it is involved in. Professional – Knowledgeable – Responsible. These are just a few characteristics our clients, customers, and consumers have used when describing their interaction with Chebat Portfolio Management.

We strive to offer superior client management through our debt management and debt sales packages. We provide a variety of managing plans which can be tailored to our client’s need. We specialize in creating client satisfaction through these options which are expertly-designed.

Our company prides itself in building long-lasting business relationships while surpassing our client expectations. We specialize in simple, direct communication accompanied by first-rate professionalism.

Consumer Services

Chebat Portfolio Management (CPM) pride themselves on understanding that there may be an urgency as it relates to you needing to trace previous or alleged consumer debt. If you take the time to provide the information we need, we will assist you as quickly as possible.

Locate Your Account

Chebat Portfolio Management (CPM) understands that consumers needing assistance to trace consumer debt is of high priority and may be time sensitive. Our team is easily accessible for consumer account questions Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST. Our goal is to supply all the necessary resources to make locating your account quick and easy.